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My Story

Hello & welcome to 431, 


Let me take you on a quick tour of my business life! Did I start off selling bridal robes out of my the trunk of my car in the mall parking lot on the weekends like some sort of bridal drug dealer, absolutely! But why? When planning my own wedding in 2017 I could not find bridal gifts I wanted within my budget, especially robes. So my research began, and I found a lack of options in the Canadian market and went for it. Eventually I worked my way up to hotel & Air B&B order pick ups. (I live rural so I would have to head to the city for this). It became overwhelming very quickly, but I stuck with it for a year.

Where did the dream really begin? With an ego stroke of course. I was in a hotel elevator during order pick ups, I walked into a group of women dressed up in Halloween costumes for a wedding social (Manitoba thing) one of the ladies was clearly the Bride. We started talking and I said said hey if you need bridal robes or gifts message me at 431 TWC, she looked at me and said YOU OWN 431 THE WEDDING COMPANY and they started prancing around excitedly. At that moment I realized brides actually heard about and now knew of my business and all the hard work was paying off.

It was time. I created my website from scratch not knowing a damn thing about websites. Here I am, now a proud full time business owner. Thank you all for supporting me as I carry on this beautiful dream. I hope I can be a small part of your wedding day!

All the best,


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