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Children's Robes

It does not get any cuter then this! For the tiniest members of the bridal party,  we carry 3 different children's sizes ranging from toddler to junior. As they always look up to you and want to be exactly like you being pampered on the wedding day, you know our little squirts will appreciate this beautiful robe. Not only will it make for beautiful morning of pictures, but you know they'll wear this robe over and over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Super Cute!

Great gift idea and to make your flower girl feel included on your big day! I can’t wait to give it to her! Also the price is great too!

Alessa Giampaolo
Cutest Flower Girl Robe!

This is so adorable for a flower girl! My niece was so thrilled that she was able to wear a robe just like us. It fit her perfectly! She's 5 years old for reference. I got her the flower pattern :)

Marina Dias
Kid's Robes--OMG so cute.

When I cracked open the box and held up the robe of my flower girl to the matching one belonging to her mother (my bridesmaid) I nearly died from the preciousness of it. I wish I had more little girls in my party to slap some robes on and take pictures of.

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